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About M16 rewelds....

If the going price of M16s are $10,000 how much would you pay for a reweld M16?
The answer isn't that straightforward. There's a few variables that would affect asking and actual selling price.

First, some current market prices. Non-Colt M16 types are somewhere in the $9k-$11k asking price range. The price variances are due to several factors, including (1) what manufacture the host weapon is (Olympic Arms, etc); (2) who did the conversion; (3) quality of the conversion; (4) how it's registered (as a receiver or as a machine gun); (5) condition; (6) accessories (if any).

Colt M16's are seeing asking prices of anywhere from $14k for a factory A1 rifle (with "M16" on the left side of the mag well), to around $16k or slightly more for a true Colt M16 carbine with 14" factory barrel (with "M16" on the left side of the mag well).

A "U.S. Property" marked Colt M16 rifle, or even a "U.S. Property" marked H&R (Harrington & Richardson) M16 will bring higher prices than the aforementioned $14-$16k; probably starting around $18k. "U.S. Property" marked carbines will see asking prices in excess of $20k.

A true Colt Commando (XM177E), so marked on the left side of the mag well would probably command in excess of $25k at minimum.

That's approximately the current state of the M16 market.

As to rewelded M16's...if the rewelds are all equal in quality, then any rewelded U.S. Property Colt or H&R M16 would bring more than any rewelded Olympic Arms or SGW (what OA used to be). Any rewelded Colt M16 not U.S. Property marked would bring more than any non-Colt reweld. In the case of certain Colt rewelds (U.S. Property, XM177E, M16A1 carbines) the quality of the welding job may take a back seat to the fact that the reweld is U.S Property marked, or is an XM177E, or is an early model M16A1 carbine. At this level of buying it's all about the brand name and model.

As to prices, a $12k final price for any non-Colt reweld is highly unrealistic. But $12k for an early model U.S. Property marked Colt M16A1 carbine would be a steal for an astute buyer, considering that a similar, never cut, U.S. Property marked M16A1 carbine would probably have a final sale price over $20k. So...a more realistic asking price for our U.S. Property marked Colt carbine reweld would be around $15k.

Sam Alvarez
T&S Manufacturing - owner
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