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Value of early Ohio Rapid Fire 1919a4?

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This is one of Todd's very early builds. I bought it with the thoughts that my boys could play with this with one of Emory's cranks...it didn't take because they liked shooting my F/A guns more...and they're grown now anyway. It hasn't had more than a couple hundred rounds thru it and that's been many years ago. I'm tired of stepping around it in my basement.

What's it worth...gun only, no mount?
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Between $2100 and $2400 on GB depending on if buyer cares or notices welds, and the direction of the wind.
One day I hope to have enough guns that I get tired of stepping around them! :eek: Sure has not happened yet!
I'm sure you'll be there soon enough...you remind me of the guys on the show "Barter Kings." You have the ability to take sow's ears and turn them into silk purses! :D
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