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Value of mk64 cradle mount?

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cradle mount with pindle and ammo tray....all springs working and has pins...
whats it worth.....
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I'm interested

if this is the cradle that fits the M2/M3 .50 BMG. Let's talk. PM sent.

the MK64 fit 1919`s ,M2 and M3 HB ,M-60`s ,MAG 58`s and Mk19 `s
Hello Guys
I dont have one for sale....
and now upon looking at it its a copula mount....
the one that go's on a 113 APC

in this picture...in the upper right corner.....behind the armor shields....
it has the ammo box holder on it... it is complete...
I dont know the nomenclature of it..?

what is it worth?
$400 is what it is for sale for.. should I buy it?
will a 1919a4 fit in it?
if not could I turn any profit on it...to the BMG guys ?
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the mount in the pic is an M23 equlibrator cradle and box holder and is the correct one for a M114, the Mk 64 is a very much newer design than an M114 would have on it and a 1919 will not fit a M23 cradle though it will fit a 30/50 cradle
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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