I started cleaning out some odds and ends and have the following for sale:

13 rounds of Norma 7.65 Arg. factory ammo, 150 grain soft point. $12

2 cloth bandoliers for the Enfield series of rifles, holds ten, five rounds stripper clips each. $5 for both

24 five round Enfield stripper clips. $1 per

20 fifty round belts for a MG3 or what I assume would work with a MG42. I got these belts when I bought a bunch of surplus POF 7.62 ammo years ago and the ammo came linked on them. $5 per fifty round belt unless you want all of them and we can make a deal. I also have four of the starter tabs as well, $5 each.

Approximately 100 .50 BMG M2 links. I delinked these myself so I could use the ammo in my bolt action. $10 will cover the shipping and my time to run to the post office.

All I ask is that a person pay me the actual shipping cost after I ship. I am willing to work out trades for who knows what. I am more or less hoping some of this can go to people who can make good use of it, no reason for it to sit in my gun room collecting dust. I will send pictures to whoever would like them. Thanks, Andy