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various tripod parts for sale

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daves 100 > are you in search of other tripod parts???
the head wil be sold no problem, I put it on without reserve, and for now I have about 30 people who are ''watching '' the item.
they guy retracting his bids, wrote that he entered a wrong amount.
I sure hope he looked o.k to my other auctions, because he's also bidding on other stuff I have put on.
it's a shame you don't just list your stuff here first. :(

Putting it up for outright sale here would save you a lot in listing fees, and not feed the coffers of anti-gun Ebay.
Dave, I assume you are refering to my and my auctions??
for me it,s simple, I have tried several times to sell stuff via this site, but... as soon as any one heared I was located in the netherlands, the interesse in an item was gone, ore people start putting up messages that it was against the law getting stuff like tripods ore parts into the USA.
I really dont like using ( anti gun ) ebay for selling my stuff, but thats the only option for my right now, and strange thing is, that people who are also registered on this forum, who did not wanne do bussenis with my via this forum, were putting up bids as soon as I put up my stuff for sale on ebay.
but I guess they feel more safe when they do their purchae via ebay, and also can see my pos. feedback.

hy Hotchkiss, well to be honest in all the years I have shipped stuff, and with that I mean ONLY tripods & tripod parts,( no guns ore gunparts) I never had one shipment that did not make it, infact I dont know iff your rules are different with those in canada, but about 2 months ago I had a M3 50 cal tripod head wich was hold- opened and checked by canadian customs, but after some weeks delay it arrived complete and safe at the new canadian owners house
detail................. canadian customs took the word head very litterly, the put a hold on the package because they thought it contained a HUMAN head !!
what about that ???!!!!!!!
I am also planning to update my website, and make a special catagory for the tripods for sale and the various parts that I have in stock.
there is a hugh goverment sale coming up here, so we are planning to buy more stuff iff possible

floridaAKM, as I wrote, I wil let you all know my website, WHEN IT'S DONE!!
we stil need to make a seperat page for all the tripod stuff.
when it's finished , you wil see it. !!!!!
1 - 6 of 21 Posts
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