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Very disappointed in Supreme Court ruling on 2nd.

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There are obviously 4 justices who do not understand the US Constitution..............and/or they would rather make laws than correctly interpret what is there (and obvious!!!).......
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Well, look at it this way. If enough people vote for Bob Barr, or write in Ron Paul next November, we can look forward to President Obama replacing two, old and fading leftist justices. Out of the four you mention, Stevens and Ginsburg are expected to retire in the next 4 years. Think how nice it will be to replace them with a couple of young leftist bucks that we will be stuck with for 20-30 years or more? :(

That's such an important point. People get so caught up in this beauty pageant of a presidential race that they forget just how important the Justices are. Hell, for that matter, most don't realize how important good Reps and Senators are as well. If you want to conduct a little experiment. Just go to the local mall, supermarket, etc. and ask 20 people who's their U.S. representative. Chances are, the vast majority will draw a blank stare.
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