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Very Happy Camper

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I just picked up my MAC 10 and suppressor today Nothing is going to upset me tonight :)


Ps taking 9 weeks for the ATF nowdays.
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It is listed on the paperwork as 45ACP/9MM,9MM/45ACP. It is a Stephensville (I know not the best rep in the world) but it runs like a striped ape.

The suppressor is a early model of AWC when they were made in Houston. Not the latest in technology but it does do a great job.

It was a sweetheart deal, an extra upper, lots of Mags, few extra parts, but the price was one I could not refuse.

Would take it to the range this weekend but neighbor passed away suddenly so will attend the funeral instead.

Now to trying and to cheap 45 ACP. ROFLMAO
No sir --- not my first. I have two other suppressors, but it is my first FA. Now just have to find the time to go and shoot it. LOL

I did shoot it last January and it was REALLY FUN also someone else's ammo.

Jeeeeeez now I am sounding like a El Cheapo LOL
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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