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I have a few more belts I need to move to save some space.
These are Vickers belts without the metal tabs, all of these are in great shape and one or two show a little dirt but that's all.
The belts in the pics are numbered and the info for each belt is as follows, first to post to this thread with an "I'll take it" gets it, shipping and insurance extra.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

1. Dated June 64, green tab 35.00SPF
2. Dated November 67, green tab 35.00SPF
3. Dated June 63, green tab 35.00 SPF
4. Dated May 63, green tab 35.00SPF
5. No discernable date, green tab 30.00SPF
6. No discernable date, green tab 30.00SPF
7. No discernable date, green tab 30.00 SPF
8. No discernable date, No tab 25.00SPF
9. WW II dated October 42, (see pic) 50.00SPF

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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