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WW1 fluted water jacket on an Australian parts kit.
Gun is in .303.
Australian parts are in great shape.
New wood on the spade grips.
New unfired .303 barrel.
New unused .303 feeed block.
Water jacket has no big dents or repairs.
Jacket is stamped DP VSM #L6459.
Kit is complete minus right side plate.
Kit is currently aluminum pop rivited together so I don’t loose anything.
Asking 3K plus shipping obo
Pm me if interested.
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That is real high on my "want" list.....wish I had the money.
Best I can do is drool, and give you a free bump.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hi Andy,
I have seen this kit, it is in very nice condition and not beat up like some of the Turkish ones. The water jacket is from a Erith manufactured gun serial number L6459 giving it a build date of July 1916 (Jul 1916 L5301-L5530 & L6431-L6900).

Surprised it is sitting around this long.

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This kit looks amazing. Someone needs to buy it before I convince myself I need it bad enough.
You need it, fluted water jacket Vickers kits are very hard to find especially as nice a water jacket as this one has. Take a look at the $2K Turkish Vickers kit on gun broker that is missing LH side plate, barrel, lock, feed block, and small parts. Everything on that kit is worn and not in nice condition like on this kit. Just my humble opinion.
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