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Wake up gun owners

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CNN, Bush is to meet with top Congressional Law Makers about the Mall and School shooting problem .(Larry King )
An executive order needs to be issued at this time to stop the Violence of this trend.
England : What is the matter with Americans ,why do they allow this carnage to continue?
This from a country that has the Highest stabbing death rate in the world only next to Japan. (Routers )
South Africa : Law abiding people in the outer Provence's are dragged form their homes in the night and hacked to death by robbers. ( News Max)
France : Upon taking office the new President reversed long standing gun laws to allow the possession of short barreled shot guns in your home.
France was the only Country to see a Crime reduction of 29% in 2007. GOA article 12/22/07
Hillary meets with workers at GM. 2/15/08
Wearing a MAU jacket told these workers about how she would dissolve American big Company's.
As the rest of the world races toward gun control ,and socialism , France is shaping up as a true Republic. Clint Eastwood ???? 1/ 07 /08 I would have never thought it either. Fox interview.
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The trouble with an Executive order is.
Congress can kill it after so much time.
Or Congress can enact it into law ,and they do not need the presidents approval as it was his law.
Reading up on Executive Orders ,A sitting President can enact any order he or she wants.
Congress can resend it with only a few votes pending a hearing ,and can do so within hours of it being issued.
In the hearings if it is a ridiculous order ,the president better have good reason why he did it or he could be impeached.
Lincoln ran into this numerous times and so did Roosevelt during WW2.
What Congress has to do is rule it un-Constitutional,and a lot of this Executive power comes under the War Powers Act.
Look at what GW has done in the war on Terror and Congress just made law.
A sitting Commander and Chief can actually suspend parts of the Constitution under the War Powers Act in what he would term an Emergency.
Legally the law wouldn't stand ,but when lately has Congress cared about the Constitution.
Let one of these Mall / school shooters be found to be drugged up and armed by Al Quada and short of Martial Law GW could put a hold on the 2nd Amendment as far as sales and transport ,including Ammo.
This was attempted in ,NO ,during Katrina ,but the one doing it did not have the authority ,but GW does.
GW can do this ,Congress can go along with it ,the pending investigation by Congress could be held up for years.
But they never got rid of the 2nd ,its still there ,it just has no teeth.
Remember in Marital law there is no Constitution ,No bill of rights.
This was the case during the end of the Civil war in those states that had ties to the South even though they were Yankee States.
Grant enforced Lincolns executive order of anyone caught bearing arms and not in a Blue Uniform were to be arrested.
This order stayed in place in Atlanta until late 1865,then you had to have a paper showing the Army gave you the right to be armed.
P.S. And Flash ,GW could also make an order like that ,he could require all Americans to bear arms and shoot these punks on site.
He could order all Americans to work with LE and the military,to house and clothe members of the Military ,and if needed grab your 1919.
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1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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