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Wake up gun owners

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CNN, Bush is to meet with top Congressional Law Makers about the Mall and School shooting problem .(Larry King )
An executive order needs to be issued at this time to stop the Violence of this trend.
England : What is the matter with Americans ,why do they allow this carnage to continue?
This from a country that has the Highest stabbing death rate in the world only next to Japan. (Routers )
South Africa : Law abiding people in the outer Provence's are dragged form their homes in the night and hacked to death by robbers. ( News Max)
France : Upon taking office the new President reversed long standing gun laws to allow the possession of short barreled shot guns in your home.
France was the only Country to see a Crime reduction of 29% in 2007. GOA article 12/22/07
Hillary meets with workers at GM. 2/15/08
Wearing a MAU jacket told these workers about how she would dissolve American big Company's.
As the rest of the world races toward gun control ,and socialism , France is shaping up as a true Republic. Clint Eastwood ???? 1/ 07 /08 I would have never thought it either. Fox interview.
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Could we clone Dick Chaney and have them take all of D.C. hunting?
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