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Was the 1919 ever water cooled?

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Hello I was invited over here by Allied Armament (James Markley)

Was the 1919 ever water cooled?

If so are the coversion kits avaiable?

What is the cosmetic difference between the 1919 and it's grand-daddy.

Might ultimate agenda is trying to reproduce (as close as possible) the older model. Looking at the 1919 by Allied.

Older style tripods available?
TIA Duke
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You'll need a 1918 belt loader...it's the fastest, but someone here on the site makes an economical single stage loader. BTW, I want to make a contribution to your project...where do I ship the gallon of water??:p

Photo from the build tutorial on the home page. Advertise on the ad forum to find them.

My '28 Colt/Browning...notice it has slab side plates with no wrap-around bottom plate plus a trigger safety...easiest way to tell it from a 1917A1.
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1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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