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Was the 1919 ever water cooled?

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Hello I was invited over here by Allied Armament (James Markley)

Was the 1919 ever water cooled?

If so are the coversion kits avaiable?

What is the cosmetic difference between the 1919 and it's grand-daddy.

Might ultimate agenda is trying to reproduce (as close as possible) the older model. Looking at the 1919 by Allied.

Older style tripods available?
TIA Duke
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Reproduction rear sight water jacket would be just fine.
Thanks for the link to the tripod.
This would work.

Is this sorta like what was used in the movie the "WILD BUNCH". I have probably seen to many Westerns and always wanted one of these guns.

I gave the Ohio Black Sheep fellow a jingle a couple minutes ago and left a message.

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For what it's worth, that is the Colt 1928 water jacket (the flash hider design cinches that), with the receiver modified to 1917A1 spec. (The bottom plate is the givaway here.) The gun used in the wild bunch was an original WWII 1917A1, a little out of period but still spectacular!

One note, the bronze on these guns- and on the tripods- was not typically polished bright like that pictured, but some individual owners prefer it shiny.

Please feel free to list the reproduction parts and price I would need to aquire from you to do a functional 1917 firing replica Lucky. :)

Also PM me with your phone number sir and I will give you a jingle.
Just got off the phone with Lucky. Great guy and very infomative. Can recommend to anyone.

Thanks Ohio! I found a thread describing parts needed to convert to water cooled. Please check your phone messages sir :) I left my number and will be up late tonight. :)


Well, I'll sort of be checking your jingle tomorrow. That machine is over at the shop, and its sort of late already where I'm at :D ...Lou
Rust never sleeps and neither do I. lol PM had already been sent sir. :)
The only thing per my phone conversation with Lucky would be aquisition of the cloth belt and some way of loading them. Seems to be the week link in my tentative build.

Thanks for the heads op on the OOW tripods. Your water Jackets ROCK!
Site supporters and vendors please feel free to jump in and tell me what you have that would work towards my build. :) Prices would help also. :)
Don't be shy either. I would rather you guys get my funds than my wifey frittering them off at Nordstroms. lol
This is just what I am looking for.

Just a note, per perusing the tech section, Is this weapons system pretty persnikity?
Will it need constant adjustment and replacement parts continually?

What color should the tripod be to fit in with the original era?

Should I go with Allied Armament, Ohio Rapid Fire or other. If you don't want to reply here please feel free to PM me with your thoughts and experiences.


Well you've come to the right place :D There's enough guys here to take care of you with the info and parts you want.

This is my gun that I built up with my GI Spec. bronze ends 1917 jacket. Lucky's Rear Sight, Halo L&RSP's, and its sitting on a rusty and refurbushed Colt 28 Tripod from OOW..An added note T&S MFG. is also going to be comeing out with Complete L&RSP's...I've seen both the Halo and T&S LSP's and both are Excellent..While OOW is out of the Colt 28 tripods, it doesn't look like they'll be out of the 1917A1 tripods any time soon.. I was up there this week and you wouldn't believe the STACK of those they have :eek:

I've got 4 options on jackets depending on how much you want to spend and how correct you want to get, rangeing from $500 to $1500....Lou
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