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water cooled?

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thinking of going with a water cooled unit from allied.how difficult is it to set up as far as hoses and chests? I know very little about the system itself.any info would be greatly appreciated. thanx,greg
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You don't need any condensing chests or hoses...it's just something else to drag to the range. I just leave the cork out of the hose fitting on the water jacket and let it steam. Plus, that way you can tell when you run out of water...no steam means no water.
You'll love the water cooled set up. I'm proud to say I have tube gun #3. And I got to watch a lot of it being done. Ohioblacksheep does some top quality work. The only thing is if you leave the cork out you'd better bring plenty of water. About 500 rounds makes good steam and it soon runs the tank dry.
I don't know how Lou makes his condensing tubes, my '28 will run 1500 - 2000 rounds on a 2 liter Dr. Pepper bottle of water...using a crankfire.

More steam means more heat transfer so there's nothing wrong with more steam...the barrels will probably last longer...just take plenty of H2o.
thank you lobo and mp38.very much appreciated.i thought i had to drag all this stuff to the range. sounds much easier the other way. 2ndamndmnt.:cool:

The steam tube is made the same way your is. Bare in mind MP may have got caught up in the fun a bit. I run about 2500rds a day at Bulletfest, and I dought that I toped the gun off with a quart of water either day.

MP's gun was a little light on packing at the muzzle and was leaking a bit. Once I added a little more packing it cured his water problem. I think he may have forgotten that he brought 4 gal of water with him for 2 days of shooting and we carried back 2 1/2 gal :D. I use an old 2 1/2 gal. gas can, drained the water back into it after shooting both days. I wanted to keep track of what I used. When we were all done I figured I had about 2 gal. left.....Lou
That sounds more like it.

I have only had the time to try out my 1919 Water Cooled one time since I completed the build. Rasputin, a friend of Rasputins, and myself went to their personal range where I fired the gun. SInce it was a first time out I was careful and watched the action of the gun and it performed perfectly. My problem was that I ran out of ammo just before it started to steam. Maybe on the next home trip I can give a go at it again.

Most of you remember the barrel "packing" info we discussed a couple of months ago, so if you follow the GI manual, the info DOES work. What I thought was a very minor leak was actually where the water had run around the jacket after I overfilled it and I had let some out. Once I found this was not a leak, there were no actual leaks at all from the packing.
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