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website not allowing me to log in

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hey guys,

any of you ever pm someone and then the website just kicks you off...then for months i cannot get on...sure i can view it..but can't log in...then one day it just works again...now i pm someone and have to go to other computers!?!?

also i was in houston the other day, at memorial hospital....was waiting for my appointment and thought i would look up the site from there since i am banned at home...guess what! they called it an "inapropriate site" and blocked it!.....man o man...its coming guys...the homies on the street and the black panthers can march, ARMED, downtown houston and no problem...but try and just look up the site at the hospital and watch what happens. yea, remember the panthers protesting some douchbags execution? they were up and down the streets with SKS's and the news explained they were not breaking any laws...hey guys good for the goose good for the gander right? WRONG...yall go try that and see what happens...man this sucks.

anyway carry on.

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At the government office I work at this site is filtered based on the keyword guns. Pretty lame if you ask me. They allow shopping etc.. but not guns.
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