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what about WOLF .308?

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So I'm finishing linking up the last of my surplus .308, I squirred away for BULLETFEST over the past year, and still have about 400 links that don't have rounds for :(

now that there is a scarcity of the surplus stuff, and the price is really up there, it's really making WOLF .308 looking pretty good now, in price and availability......question is has anybody used this ammo in their 1919 with a crank fire? how does it run?

I already pretty much gave up on ever finding surplus 5.56, and instead of beating my head against the wall looking for it, opted for the commercial WINCHESTER......looks like that will be the case for .308.....unless all of a sudden they get a container ship in that will flood the market and the prices will be cheaper then the commerical ammo.......which I'm not holding my breath that will happen.
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I used some Wolf in mine with a crankfire and it worked well.
I've run tons of Wolf .308 thru my 1919 with a crank fire, runs like a champ.
If you're not in the sportsmans guide buyers club, you may get an offer for free shipping for joining if you place an order with them. If you join, you can get a case of wolf for $151 if I remember correctly, and you can use this coupon code SPG2662 to get $20 off of an order of $250 or more (good till july 5). If they offer you free shipping by joining, get a ton for yourself. On my last order I got 7 cases for me and schuft, with free shipping because I renewed my membership. They back order everything else so some people won't do business with them. I don't care, I get my money's worth.
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