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What are 50bmg M2 links worth?

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I have 3 50cal ammo cans full of M2 links and are wondering what they are worth? I don't have a M2HB (I wish I did but I can't afford to feed it). Thanks
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1000 links will fit into two of the large USPS flat rate boxes for $12.50 ea. Or 3 of the standard (original) flat rate boxes at $9.30 each.

Also are these links "M9" or "M2" links for the M2HB? Two different models.
What is the diffrence?
Different styles. The M2 was early ones (WWII) and the M9 are current production. Two differences, first is the single large loop is closed over with a finger tab on the M9 and open on the M2. Second, the smaller neck loop is deeper on the M2 vs M9. I donot think one can mix a belt of these two together at once and fire reliably but I do know that either a belt of M2 links or M9 links will feed fine in M2HB without changes.

M9 link is on top
{larger photo in link here http://i155.photobucket.com/albums/s288/sbsw/P6171620-1.jpg }

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I have run .... a mix of both in mine without a problem.
That is good to know, thanks for the feedback. I have always kept them separate when linking a belt up.
25 -27.60 flat rate vs 35 bucks for a vendor who has to weigh and ship them, pay for advertising, run a web site, overhead etc. ....

Hmm, not sure your point here Ouchman, but it is OldSarge's DropZone (you know the vendor) that will ship using USPS Flat Rate Boxes if you ask. They do it for me on every order. If one doesn't specify, then it goes UPS at the higher rate. Same amount of work for them and they are happy to do it.
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