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What are 50bmg M2 links worth?

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I have 3 50cal ammo cans full of M2 links and are wondering what they are worth? I don't have a M2HB (I wish I did but I can't afford to feed it). Thanks
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1000/ M9 links weigh close to 40lbs. Sometimes shipping is more than the items' price.
25 -27.60 flat rate vs 35 bucks for a vendor who has to weigh and ship them, pay for advertising, run a web site, overhead etc. and you have a problem with that? Cheap is cheap and you are cheap. Your like the customers with the BMWs ( that require Mobile 1 )who ***** at a 22 dollar oil change. Crying over a few cents on a link to hold a 2-3 dollar round, to shoot through a multi thousand dollar gun; give me a break. What's for dinner tonight Ramen?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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