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What happened at this meeting? I have not seen anything here since the meeting date has passed


URGENT! Rock Island Arsenal Museum Ending! Meeting on April 27th!
I recently received some bad news.

RIA Museum, which is our source for almost all the 1919a4 history, is about to be further crippled by the army higher ups.

They are planning on decreasing the staff from an already meager 3 to 1.

This will end any further help and access to the archives contained at the museum.

In fact they have already moved a good portion of the collection to Alabama and the rest is already being eyed by other museums.

At this time the microfiche endpoint is unknown and given the fragile nature of it, I think it might be lost forever.

Fundraising will not help at this point.

There will be a Town Hall Meeting at the museum on April 27th at 5:30 pm for people to give feedback. This might be the only chance to do anything.

If you are in range of the museum please take time to be there.​
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