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What is this?

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I was cruising ebay and ran across something I wasn't sure what is was. Any info on the gun?

Here's the link:

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umm, i can't really tell, but is it an MG13 ?
Yep, MG13......8mm mag fed LMG. Forerunner to the MG34
To be fair, the MG13 bears no relationship to the MG34 at all, although you are correct in that it preceeded the MG34. It was developed in the early interwar years, and its lineage is from the Dreyse HMGs, and shares the same action as the Dreyse 1918.
I acquired a 1918 Dreyse watercooled HMG some years ago that had been obtained by the seller without a bolt. An MG13 bolt fit perfectly although minor modifications were necessary since the MG13 feeds from the side and the Dreyse HMG form the top, as it is belt fed.
The MG13s are very pleasant to shoot, although the 20 round mags are too small, really. They used a 75 saddle round saddle drum fitted with a feed tower, which inserted into the magwell, but the drums are virtually impossible to find. If anyone finds one and wants to sell it, I need one.

Bob Naess

Bob you're correct with regard to the MG13's connection to the 1918 Dreyse and its (MG13's) features/limitations. At the same time, indicating the MG13 was somehow connected to the MG34 by design or mechanical function was not the implication.......just that the gun was the direct predecessor of the MG34.
Just a friendly FYI.
Saying that the MG13 was the predecessor or forerunner to the MG34 infers that the MG34 was based off of the MG13 design. A better way to say that would have been something like the previous model to the MG34 was the MG13, or something like that.
Sorry.......I don't make the assumption either word infers anything except "before." In future, I'll keep in mind some do. Thanks for the heads up.
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