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Where to buy USGI 30.06 parts kits?

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I am looking for one maybe 2 original USGI Parts kits anyone have one to sell or know where to buy them?
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Try Allied Armament...

They have Saginaw 1919 parts kits. I'm having a A6 built from one....

Mark Headlee
Lamar, Colorado
try here

try sarco, gun parts inc, ohio ordnance, log onto
browning 1919a4.com
best of luck to you

I know for a fact that Dan Bartha (Angola Armory) has one, we just talked about it this morning, he ordered it the same time he ordered mine...it is nice, you won't go wrong....

I think that our old buddy VonR on the "shoot1919a4" forum has one for sale. :D

this may be a dumb question, but how do you know if it's a USGI 30-06? Built mine from a kit I bought about 5 years ago, but don't know it's pedigree
You will be able to tell by multiple reasons. The most obvious of which is the israeli markings which usually come in the form of a U symbol or straight up arabic on the left hand sideplate. Otherwise you will have to look at the feed pawl, top cover, and bullet guides for which I am not going into detail about.

The only reason why one should/would by an original .30o6 kit is to have a usgi original for which all of the Israeli guns are built on, but unfortunately marked as which.

We have four left in our inventory two of which are original 8mm guns with the original 8mm feed guides, we are only building them into guns and not selling them as parts kits.

There are a few sources of parts kits available that I still know, one is coles distributing, the other is military gunsupply. Both good companies and easy to deal with. You could also try TNW but I think tim is going to build all of his into guns.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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