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041x said:
Thanks for the link for the spade grips. I was kind of looking to make my own but I'll have see.

Seriously consider the spades from Allied. I had the kit from Kevin (Pain,Inc.), and it is a great set, but it is a lot of work. Maybe I'm dumb, but I welded mine. The back plate mod takes time (cutting off the grip and drilling and tapping for a new set screw. Welding was a lesson - you have to be careful welding cast iron. And even after cleaned and soaking in de-greaser repeatedly, oil and cosmoline kept appearing once I put the heat to it - major weld contamination. I got it done, but was a LOT of work. Then I had to get some nice walnut for the drips and turn them down, parkerize it, etc., etc., etc. The allied armanet looks great, has great reviews so far, and, my time consiodered, is probably about the same cost or less. Just somethng to think about.
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