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Which would you shoot first?

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ZQI, Hirtenberger or Magtech....

I have about 70% ZQI, 20% Magtech and 10% Hirtenberger.

Shoot through the one I have the most of (ZQI) first, or shoot through the older stuff (Hirt) first?
Blaze through the Magtech because it sucks (maybe, idunno)?

I'm going to a range day and some people want to try out the crank...some will be donated for their use and others will be exchanging new ammo for what I have linked up.
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Well, I've shot all three and minimal issues [if any] IIRC. I guess I always use the older stuff first unless I have problem ammo - but even that you don't want to use if demonstrating the CR on the 1919. I'd think you want to at least eliminate ammo possible issues.
Magrech 9mm sucks it is so out of spec none of my guns would run with it. Dirty as hell too.

Maybe their 762 is better.
Wow....I've run over 1K rounds of 40 through a couple of my guns with no issues whatsoever. Have not shot any 9MM from them, but that's really interesting.
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