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Who Needs A .308 Conversion For Their 1918 Belt Loader?

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Ohio Ordinance has been saying for months that they will have the .308 conversion available "soon". They have been telling me this for 3 months. Now they are saying they cannot give any ETA on when they'll have them. They also said last week that they will be now $150 whenever they have them ready. I am tired of waiting.

Let's get a list together of people that would purchase a .308 conversion for their 1918 Belt Loader, and try to get someone like John McGuire to make a batch of them for us. Who's in?

Also, does anyone have a ORIGINAL CONDITION OOW .308 conversion for their 1918 Belt Loader that they would let John McGuire (or whoever is willing) borrow to copy it?

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I would be interested in quoting a price for parts. Anyone willing to lend a sample?

If I recall correctly, it is simply a spacer for the feed tree of ammunition and a longer push arm for seating the round. Can't be that difficult to make. I have two loaders laying around to inspect and design from. I'd rather not reinvent the wheel if someone is willing to lend parts out, however.

I would be interested in one if this goes foward.
me too

Im in for one!
.308 conversion....

Have several .308 cartridge pushers (#32) or 'slide' described in manual. Will sell them for $45 + $5 HIS. As an alternative,have an 'original" OOW .308 conversion set up that I would be willing to lend anyone who wishes to make a quanity for our site members. I have already had the steel cut to length and have over 75 pcs. ready to machine....but don't have a mill to do so. Was also going to do the 30/06 slide. Anyone interested in doing this?? Call,my dime,(800) 380-4867 and lets get this done.....
Please reserve one of these for me until I can talk to you about it and get the details. Thanks!

" .308 cartridge pushers (#32) or 'slide' described in manual. "
Is yours like Sarco's, because theirs screw thread and hole does not work. If it is like OOW I will take one, E-mail me payment details. I e-mailed you a message also.
If its the OOW spec copy......I'm in for one set.
TiredIron said:
If its the OOW spec copy......I'm in for one set.

The OOW spec is what I am proposing. Personally, I would not accept any other design. We know the OOW .308 conversion design functions well.
.308 conversion specs....

Wow....! Did not expect such a response. A good point was raised about the OOW .308 pusher....the thread size for the connection screw. Their's had a 10x24 shoulder screw(.375 shoulder) while the original M1918 30/06 cartridge pusher was a 12x24 shoulder screw. The pieces I had made were made for the 10x24 screw....I am now in the process of drilling and tapping them to 12x24 thread. Its an added step but should be done to allow use of the original hardware. Another thought is if the feed guide adaptor is really needed. I guess so,as OOW would not have made it if it wasn't necessary. I have been contacted by someone who may wish to do this project....he is a member on this site and his work is above reproach. Did not ask him for his assistance at first because he also has many other things going on. Stay tuned...we may get this done soon....
I just stand a cartride up in the front of the feed trough. Works for me. I also had a friend make me the 10/24 screw for the slide.
Your mileage may vary.
Len (or anyone)

Why would OOW use the wrong thread on their .308 pusher? If it's the wrong thread pattern, how do you get it to work on the 1918 belt loader? Do they provide a 10x24 screw as well? Is there any problems to install the original OOW .308 conversion? Does it need modification to fit properly?
....hardware on the belt loader...

OK,Strat.....time for some history on the M1918 loader. When the original was produced during/after WWI,the hardware was uaually 12x24 and 10x24 threads...usually a shoulder screw w/different lengths on the shoulders for a bearing surface. 60 years later,this type hardware was not being used...in fact,they are now obsolete. The only commenly used shoulder screws are usually 10x24 or 1/4x20 for this size material. OOW used a common size,10x24 in an allen head cap screw for their .308 slide (cartridge pusher) to keep the cost down. I've tried to find slotted shoulder screws....McMaster-Carr...and they want $3.75-$5 EACH. I've been making the 12x24 shoulder screws from 1/4x20 screws on a lathe and a grinder for the 30/06 slide on the loaders I'm restoring. Making 10x24 shoulder screws for the .308 slide and including an already attached connection arm for the $45+$5 shipping price. A lot less work than drilling/tapping to the 12x24 original,as I had wanted to do. By the way, Strat....since you have a 1928 Colt....take the slide off and put in on your M1918. Should interchange easily and actually work,as the machines are the same internally. Let me know how it works.....Len
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Hey Les,

I found some screws at a local Mac's ( they were older)
that fit the SARCO, Hawken from this site cut down some
brass to make a shoulder bushing and make it work. Of course
this did not help that the SARCO is cut wrong and the rounds
do not line up where they are supposed to.

I need one for sure!!
Update: I have contacted John McGuire and asked him about making a copy of these OOW units. He currently has a OOW .308 conversion unit and he is checking into making them for us. When I hear from him, I'll post another update.
Question to anyone that has the OOW .308 conversion unit:

Is the OOW .308 conversion unit a direct drop-in conversion that requires no additional parts or modifications to any component?
Looking at Len's when we visited,

The spacer went between the shell holder and the
base plate shorter 308 round into place, the second
part is the pusher. As I understand there are only
the two parts to the unit.

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