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In talking to another member i called the man taking care of a widows estate.
It seems they have his 1919A4 ,and they do not know what it is worth ,or if they can even sell it.
I called the deceased best friend to find out more.
It seems the gun has all of this.
U,S,Ordnance 1919 ,less than 500 rounds through it,308.
5k worth of links.
gun has EJ six lobe crank.
3 barrels ,two nib.
M2 tripod ,new T&E.
AA sights ,A6 flash hider ,4 ,SS trunnion protectors.
Mil spec operators manual ,and a head space /timing gage.
shoot_1919_4me ,twin adapter.
Cloth belt
Lots of spare parts ,don't ask me ??
It sounds like the entire thing ,i asked him if i could buy some of the stuff but he said she wants to sell it all ,she is moving to Florida.
I don't know what all of this is worth ?
I don't think they do either ,but i will drive over and get pics.
If i sell it i get his Luger:p

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where in florida is she moving too? Maybe she can bring it over and sell it here...

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looks to be around a $2000 package. tell her to hold on to it for a year if she can. that way all of the kits have dried up and AA will be out of the low priced 1919 game. then the prices will go back up again.

at least that is the advice i would give her..... or i'll give $1000 for the lot shipped to ohio :)


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Rory :
I was thinking around $2,500.00 with that crank fire.
With ammo like it is i know the price for one has dropped greatly.
Crap i payed nearly 1500 for mine ,then bought the M2 at 300 from Gary Cole.
Im not going to tell them anything ,lets just see what happens.
I know it will be on GB .
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