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Will 308 links work for .30-06?

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New to 1919s. Fired one for the first time today. What a kick! I got a .30-06 barrel and booster and it looks like they would work. I don't have another chance to get to the range to try it. Do they work?

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I don't think they're spaced correctly for use with 7.62X54R with that wide rim.
Yeah, they'll work. It not a matter of the belt being spaced properly for the ammo. The belt has to be spaced properly for the gun. If you could somehow stretch the links so that they didn't overlap, the gun would not feed properly because now the links have a bigger gap between rounds.

The 54r rounds will overlap, but think .22 ammo. Each one loaded should be below the last. When the belt is done... the last round loaded will be the first one into the gun. The round has to exit the links straight out the back, so plan accordingly.
I loaded up 20 rounds in my belter with the tower off to see what would happen. All but the last round fell on behind the other like I described. I then tried to do the same with a linker and had less success. I would have to link one or two rounds per throw to get the desired effect.

I did this prior to ordering the 54r kit and haven't done so yet, but at least the 54r loads good in a belter... 2-3 rounds at a time.

So it loads up good. Does it work as well in the gun? I don't know, but others report mixed results depending on ammo. The basic idea of 54r in the 1919 does work.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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