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Window licker???

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No, sorry..Master Window Licker is my new title??? I KNEW when Dave was askin for new titles and i saw the title "Short bus rider" i KNEW it was intended just for me, I voted against it. I was releived to see it never got threw.

Oh but it didnt stop there. Then i get a call from someone callin me a Window licker??? Didnt know what the hell that is so i called The guy back it was Dave, said he changed my title to window licker, so in the long run i still ended up with the short bus title, just a different phrase. Its great to be loved by few and hated by many, cause when one of the few that do like ya give you crap like this you just have to suck it in and say Huh, and hes the one that likes me, wonder what the others call me:p

Oh well, while you guys have to share the same titles i get my own, could of been worse, coulda been somethin about sheep herder or somethin but hey, Master window licker is cool. Im gonna go clean the windows now.:D
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oh my.....

and you ruined it without letting all of us laugh at him for a week or two first??

(but be careful Dave, someone who is a window licker will get offended)
I wonder if his tongue gets stuck to the window on frosty days... :eek:
Theres no reason for anyone to be offended, i am sick of all the dont make funny of that cause you could offend someone crap, not mouthin you SDK, its true what you say but if anyone should be offended it should be me, i find it just as funny as Dave does. Its all in fun.

i know bub, and im with ya and DaveS knew that too. it was a return joke on my end.....

you been gone a bit and just didnt catch the front part of the joke. but i can fill you in on it in a PM if you want so that someone else doesnt get offended.

LMFAO see that was a return,follow up joke on the joke about the joke.
Send it, im ready for a laugh, cause your joke on the joke just hasnt set in yet HA
D8 and Dave,

I don't have this pic on PC and don't have a digital scanner, if you PM me your snail mail addy I'll send it.

Everyone local either has a FUBAR scanner or is so "PC" this pic would scar them for life. :D
ok will give you the brief of it in PM.
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