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WTB “Nice” Bren transit chest

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Title says it all, no trash please.
Doesn’t need to be perfect but prefer something that is solid and not beat up badly.
Let me know what you have and price, Thanks.
PM is best.
Ps. I do have a nice Vickers chest I would possibly trade, provided the Bren chest was in comparable condition.
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DAMM! There were 2 at the SAR show!
I bought one, and thought hard about buying the other.
I talked myself out of that second BREN chest because "no one will ever ask for one"
The lids of both were a little weathered, but solid, all the fittings were inside.
I had the space to get both back to Colorado too.
I should have followed my instincts and cut a deal on the pair.
Seller still had that second chest as we were packing up.
Maybe someone here knows who that seller was?
Damn, I should have put my post up sooner! I would gladly have made it worthwhile to you too!!
Hopefully someone will know who the vendor was. I’m willing to buy or trade a beautiful Vickers/Lewisgun even up if the Bren chest is nice. Sounds like it was just what I was looking for Richard!!!
Still looking for one of these chest....
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