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WTB: 1919 barrels in 7.65 Argentine

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Need 2 1919 barrels chambered in 7.65 Argentine,Ohio Ordnance used to have them but they are out. Thanks

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Have tried this before and due to safety concerns its not a feasible idea. So I spoke with the plant Mgr. at the Lother Walther plant in Cummings,GA. Saw him at the Shot Show and sent him a .308 1919A4 bbl. to use as a model to make.....7.65 Arg. 1919A4 bbls. This was in Mar and have not heard back from him on progress. Barrels should be less than $200.00...complete and ready to fire. Stay tuned....I'll get an up date in a couple of days.
I could use one of those, too.
Shouldn't it just be a matter of giving a barrel to a machinist, and removing material from the chamber? :confused:
I think the issue is that the Argentine is 7.65mm where NATO is 7.62mm, with different barrel diameters. Nominally, this is .308" vs .32". I don't know offhand what the actual barrel diameters are if they differ from that.
Where are yall getting the ammo to shoot through these. I hope its not the 80's fnm stuff.
+/- 6K San Francisco 1980's in the ready locker for my Colt 1928. :D
1 - 3 of 8 Posts