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WTB:1919 Parts !!

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Need a left side feed guide for a .30-06 USGI gun; also a complete USGI rear sight and base; both cams for the inside of the left side plate-- Any leads would be appreciated !! Also anyone got an original 1919A6 jacket or other parts??
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I know OOW carried the cams because I got a set from them before. Tor(their show guy) had a complete A6 shroud but it may be sold by now. The other parts are going to be harder to find. Sounds like your putting together a USGI gun with your own left sideplate:rolleyes:

No I got a USGI sideplate that is totally stripped-- I actually only now need the one extractor cam-- I was just scrounging for 1919 parts as I have most of them already Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts