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WTB: 1919 rear sight elevation plunger & pin

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My poor Browning's rear sight has an elevation knob/screw that bounces up & down with the aperture when I shoot. I am WTB a plunger and pin to keep my aperture in place and return the click elevation adjustments on the rear sight. Holler at me if you can help.


EDITED: I found the spring, it was still in the hole. I mainly need the plunger. I'm certain I could find a roll pin to fit, the plunger is the hard to find item. Thanks
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Still looking for the parts I need to captivate my elevation knob/screw and restore "click" adjustment. I had a buddy add what he thought were the right parts to a bmgparts order. He brought me a detent, spring and roll pin. The detent was for a hole about 0.160", and my hole in the top of the RSB under the knob is about 0.075", so NO-GO on that one. I think what he gave me is for the windage.

Here's a link to what I think I need (but not in stock):

I think the little spring I have is probably the correct one for this plunger.

Anyone got any ideas on where I might be able to find the plunger (or a complete set with the pin, spring & plunger)?

Appreciate it.
Still looking for the rear sight elevation plunger & pin.
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