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WTB 20mm Oerlikon Sight

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Please let me know what you have and contact info. May also be in the market for other Oerlikon items.
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Have you ever been contacted about parts?
I need the magazine release lever and pivot pin as seen in Taverndogs photobucket link.
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Naval ship Navy Warship Vehicle Ship

Those Chute links belong to the more modern 20MM Gatling as seen in the pic of this CIWS. The 20MM Oerlikon uses a Drum Magazine
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They are definitely 20MM Links from some form of Vulcan Machine Cannon. I'll get a better pic of the drum and chutes on that CIWS for you next time I'm over on the Jersey. I may be able to get the stock numbers, we have manuals for that weapon system somewhere.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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