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wtb 50 cal ammo cans

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so i am about to do a big (for me) run of 50 cal reloading. i have 1438 pieces of brass all processed and ready for primers, sitting in cardboard boxes. only 1100 primers and 6 jugs of powder. and i have enough sized and ready bullets 1500 or so ball and probably another 500 or so AP

i can find the primers easy enough, but what i can't find at a decent price is the dang ammo cans. the local vendors here want close to 10$ each and they are generally in pretty bad shape. i need about 10-15 ammo cans. where is the best place or do any of you have some that you would let go of cheaper than 10$ each after shipping?

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shipping only on the left coast for larger packs like their 12 pack :(

I would offer to pick these up and freight them to you, but last fall I called these folks to do a "will call" on a pallet of cans and they wouldn't let me or even provide me their address to stop by for a sale. Seem while they are nearby in Chico, CA (northern ca) they are only an internet business without any actual stock. They just submit your order to their suppliers for filling and it is those suppliers that sets the shipping methods and rules. Still never figured out why they limit the large shipments to only western states, it all goes ups.
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