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WTB AR parts (601, XM177, XM607, M203, M4, M16A2 etc)

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I'm looking for a few AR parts for my retro and new projects Thanks for looking!

What I'm looking for:

"Duckbill" 3 prong Model 601 flashider (repro or original, doesnt matter)
Left side Model 601 handguard painted green (doesnt matter if it's cracked as long as it works!)
USGI Green cotton sling (M1/M14 style)
Total Silence (or real) XM607 2 posistion collapsable stock
Colt MP marked chrome bolt (complete)
Charging handle in Colt Grey color
M203 M16A2 Handguard w/ or w/o Leaf Sight
HK416 stock (can be stock body only; must be HK marked)
AR15 LPK (can be any brand AS LONG AS it is not Hesse or M1S or something else that will fall apart on me. Need it for #####. Dont need the bolt catch assembly, mag catch assembly, or pistol grip.)
Model 601/602 Front Pivot Pin
Unbarreled Model 601 upper (complete or stripped)
14.5" Chrome lined M4 barrel w/ M4 ramps. Preferably Colt
Colt Carbine handguards (the "shiny" plastic type)
Chrome M16 BCG (w/ forward assist serations)
Original Armalite Model 601 Waffle Mag (20 rounds)
Colt M16A2 upper (small hole)
Colt M16A2 barrel (Gov't profile; bayo lug, threaded barrel)
M16 selector (w/ no indicator notch on the right side)

Email me at [email protected]
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