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WTB: Bren parts

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Hello all!

I am in dire need of a Gas Cylinder for a MKII Bren. It is the press fit kind for the MKII, not the threaded kind for the MKI. If anyone has one they can part with, please let me know. I already checked with Dave at Sarco and he doesn't have one..... Help! :(
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Yeah, I have tried them all so far. I am thinking that it will have to come from someone who has their own personal stash of them.... :rolleyes:
I got one....
Ok, I'll play... What do you want for it? Please PM me.
Found one. Thanks! :)

Zeek- Yes I am building one from an IO cut receiver. It will be my first so I don't have any suggestions except to read....read...and read some more! :D
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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