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WTB M2 .30 cal T&E

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Anyone have one for sale?

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there is an m2 t&e on ebay right now. search under 1919a4.
T&E for M2 HB

I have for sale two of the T&E's that are proper for use with the M3 Tripod/M2 machine gun.
Both are used, and have a worn parkerized finish. One has the lever to tension it onto the tripod, the other has a thumbscrew.

If you are looking for the T&E to use with an M2 Tripod/M60 machine gun I have two of these T&E's as well. Both are used. One is painted and the other is parkerized. These have thumbscrews used to tension them onto the tripod and have the "H" adapter to mount onto the M60. Remove the adapter and these can be used with the M1919.

I have these priced at $200 each. PM if you are interested.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts