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WTB Mauser, AK, L1A1 parts

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I'm here in the deep woods of E.Texas sick and broke and need to repair some weapons I broughtwith me so I can sell them to eat. I need the following:

M48 Yugo Mauser extractor

1919a4 accelerator spring and plunger

L1A1 FAL ,gas cut off plug,buttplate with screws and rear sling swivel, carry handle and dust cover

AK-47 dust cover, front sight, safety selector switch.

Any help with finding these would be appreciated, I'm just East of the DFW area DFW area. Thanks, Dutch
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I need a couple of the front/rear trigger guard, locking screws for my K98 Mauser too...

Can't seem to find them..

(not trying to hyjack you thread Hott...)

THEM I got extras of, I think. I know I got three of them, anyhow. Or maybe they go to a Remington 11. I dunno, maybe I need them , too. All this stuff was all packed in one box.
I've got a spare mauser bolt from a turkish mauser, I just compared it to my yugo bolt looks the same. I can strip it and send you the extractor. KevinT
I wasn't positive whether the extractor on them was shorter or not. Seems like the action is a silly millimeter shorter, or somthing. Figure what you need for it and you can Email me at [email protected] for the details, thanks, Dutch
L1A1 FAL ,gas cut off plug,buttplate with screws and rear sling swivel, carry handle and dust cover

I may have all this except the carry handle. I'll check when I get home tonight. Are the butt stock parts for a wood or plastic stock? Pretty sure I have both.
Great! I can live without the carry handle. I got a BREN handle I'll put on it and sell it as a rare variation.
This gun had Century plastic on it but the buttstock didn't make it to Texas and the spare set of Brit wood I had did, sans any metal on the buttstock. Also the laminations on the laminated forearm are kinda scabby. They could almost be described as having Laminitus. I would be in the market for a set of them, too. Figure up what you want for the package and contact me at [email protected],thanks, Dutch

I'm using the Library computer so i wont be able to check my mail till midday thursday.

Thanks to all who replied
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