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WTB Mauser, AK, L1A1 parts

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I'm here in the deep woods of E.Texas sick and broke and need to repair some weapons I broughtwith me so I can sell them to eat. I need the following:

M48 Yugo Mauser extractor

1919a4 accelerator spring and plunger

L1A1 FAL ,gas cut off plug,buttplate with screws and rear sling swivel, carry handle and dust cover

AK-47 dust cover, front sight, safety selector switch.

Any help with finding these would be appreciated, I'm just East of the DFW area DFW area. Thanks, Dutch
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I need a couple of the front/rear trigger guard, locking screws for my K98 Mauser too...

Can't seem to find them..

(not trying to hyjack you thread Hott...)

Thanks Aaron..

Sportsman Guide.. Who would have guessed..

And AIM..... Man their right around the corner...

So much for Google and 1 hour of wasted time..

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