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WTB/WTT....M2HB/M3 parts

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Need (2) M3 and (2) M2 bolt internals,(1)top plate,(2) top plate internals,(2) top covers,(2) buffer assemblies,(1) barrel extension,(1) RSG, and (2) M2 sights...frt. and rear. Have a 1917A1 semi-auto...new,unfired and several M-1 Garands...with matching barrels and many parts matching...for trade for the above .50 BMG parts. Will be at the Indy build party with 1918 belt loader parts and looking for any .50 parts. Please call...my dime...(800) 380-4867 if you can be of any help in my quest. Want to get these .50's built and up and running before the election. Thanks to TomT and Christos for their help getting this far...could not have even begun this journey without their advise and help. See you in Indy .....Len
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Check with Allied for some of those needs - they may have them in stock....
If they ever respond that is.... :rolleyes: Don't get your hopes up yet. I emailed them and sent PM's to their guy Ryan on here about some .50 parts a while ago and have still never received anything back...
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