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I am looking for display / dummy guns: STEN MKIII, STERLING, Beretta M38/42 ( the one with FLUTED barrel; already have the other two), MP.35 and MP.41.

* Also original inert WW1 german "potato masher" dummies, NOT the newly-made $25 fakes. And any other inert WW1 / WW2 grenades.

I am NOT looking to convert nor revive anything. Just looking for display examples.

I am interested in buying outright, or trading with these items I have:

WW2 German REICHSBAHN overseas cap
WW1 U.S MILLS M1910 .45 pouch dated 8/ 1918
WW2 German G.43 ammo pouch 1944 dated undyed leather
WW2 German HitlerYouth / JV M43 cap with enameled pin-on insignia
WW2 U.S HBT combat tunic w/ 7th INF DIC patch, excellent shape size 43R
WW2 U.S Thompson M1A submachine gun pouch US marked and LONG CANVAS PRODUCTS marked with 1942 date
WW2 German M.24 eingranate " potato masher " with porcelain ball and cap
M71 Swiss Paratrooper helmet
M59 German army trenchcoat

PM. EM at: [email protected]

or call (650) 430-4660

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