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WTK: 1919A4 Semi Auto Parts ID

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For us new guys, are there quick ways to identify semi-auto parts to differentiate from fa parts? Also, the same question for the 80% RSP's to ensure that there will be legal when completed. This information would be very handy for browsing at gun shows. Thanks!
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....in IN....

If you are close to Indiana and attend the gun shows (Indy,Crown Point,Ft. Wayne,South Bend,Evansville) I usually have a complete set of internals... machined,parked and ready to install and several 100% RSP's. ...also parked and ready to rivet. This is for the guys that don't have the resources. I also have several receivers ready for #4473 transfer. Send email...not message... for prices and shipping......
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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