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WTK: Anyone use an Ultrasonic cleaner on their guns

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I have been toying with the idea of getting an Ultrasonic cleaner to shorten the time I spend at the work bench after a day out shooting. Does anyone have direct experience with cleaning dirty guns with one? Don't hold back, dump the whole belt of info: what brand, how big, what fluid, and all that good stuff. And finially was it worth the expense? It seems like it should work ok on most stuff, but what are the down falls?


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Haven't seen it firsthand, but have heard that ultrasonic's can do terrible things to anodized aluminum. Something to read up on.
I use a Crest F636HT with help from a LLEO. It will also park.
Talk to Greg.
This is a high volume machine but there are smaller ones available.
Dispite what your wife,G/F says; size does matter.
Even this one will not fit a M2HB barrel.
I know Greg personally( one of a handful of class 3's in NJ) and he is a stand up guy.
i use an ultrasonic, and couldnt live without one personally. It really does get things microscopically clean.

i use it for bolt parts - while the bolt parts are inside the ultrasonic, it allows me to clean the receiver, and barrel

i use straight ammonia - the cheap stuff available for less than a dollar a gallon

you should see what an ultrasonic does to an old tattered bronze pintle block on a 1917a1 tripod - it makes it look 100% new

i would really like one of the big ones that clean the entire gun at once, but i would rather have a few more really expensive guns, so i simply stick with the small one that will clean a complete pistol, and bolt parts from a rifle/mg
Ouchman & B.A.R.gunner, I am looking at the F1436HT. Ouchman what is LLEO? Does it really get everything clean. What types of guns are you two doing and what amount of disassembly and hand cleaning are you doing? I am trying to make up my mind, over 7 large buys alot of ammo and stuff. I would hate to spen that much on another dust collection unit :eek:

B.A.R. gunner, why don't you put the receiver and barrels in? It seems like it would be good to clean the all the nooks and crannies in the receivers.
my cleaner is not large enough to put a barreled receiver in it

i got one pistol sized

the large ones are BUCHU bucks, and for that price, in the past ive chosen more firearms
What is the rough prices for say a pistle and then one that will do a rifle?

I too am looking at Ultrasonic cleaners. I am waiting on Peter Hula from L&R to provide me with a demonstration. To get the best pricing I may have to become a distributor. If that is the case I will work with you on a purchase to benefit both of us.

Anyone else kickin' tires about an ultrasound should e-mail me. To become a distributor I would need a minimum initial purchase. To meet that number I would offer the equipment at cost for anyone interested at start up.

E-mail me privately with your interest.

I don't have a distributor price list to quote you numbers. Please don't e-mail me ONLY to ask that information. If enough people are interested with funds in hand to make a purchase I will begin the paperwork to get the pricing information. You can check out pricing on line www.lrultrasonics.com for retail. If those prices don't scare you ... then you know dealer pricing will be better. I just don't know the percentage.

What do you say a group buy on Ultrsound cleaners ...?

I'm open to looking at Crest machines if people have a preference. It would make sense to approach both companies with an initial order and see who will play ball.

My offer is good thru July 14th to people who are genuinely interested. after that I will save my pennies and go it alone.

Buying power with numbers, guys...

Brass Cartridge
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I've used Ultrasound to clean small parts of different kinds of materials. I've got a container that would probably hold 3 .45's. From my experience with them it sure would be nice to load up a complete receiver or barrel, set the timer, and forget it. If the container is affordable for something that size I'd try it. Never had a problem with Aluminum. Jim

Anybody else having prroblems pulling out the prices? It appears my computer skills are letting me down. Count me in either way, Jim
I do not know how to get a price from these web sites either. What is the retail for a rifle machine? Thanks
A quick yahoo search turned up these Links:




Just a start, Search around these sites for more info.
Very Pricey Stuff. I might have interest @50% of retail.
I was wrong!

Too much money for me. I think I'll try the hobbies area and see if I can get a larger container. Jim
I have a Crest 690HT you can fit a stripped MP5 in it. They are money well spent, I use Simple Green at a 50/50 mix with water. Do not put aluminum anthing you care about in the ultrasonic, it will eat it up if you have a good one. I can put a piece of aluminum foil in mine and it will pin hole the **** out of it and then start to dislove the edges after a few minutes.

The heater on it heats to 175 fahrenheit and parts come out so hot you don't even need to dry them, they dry themselves.

Crest and L&R seem to be the best.


Can you tell me / us more about the: "Do not put aluminum anthing you care about in the ultrasonic, it will eat it up if you have a good one. I can put a piece of aluminum foil in mine and it will pin hole the **** out of it and then start to dislove the edges after a few minutes. "

I just talked with Greg at Police Products and he says different. The problem according to him is the moisture left in sidewill causes corrision on aluminum items. He is going to send me more info of their 1436HT. This is the one I am thinging about geting.

How much prep do you do to a 1919 in order to get a good complete clean. What about after you remove it form the ultrasonic cleaner?

When I bought my first Crest, a 575D;

I wasn't sure if it was working as it didn't do a whole lot, so someone on Subguns.com said to drop a piece of aluminum foil in it and check it after 5 or 10 minutes, I did and pulled out a piece of dulled foil, upon closer inspection holding it up to the light I could see tiny pin holes in the foil, put it back in for 10 minutes and the pin holes were being eaten away at and you could see the edges of the foil were breaking down and almost looked tattered.

I upgraded to a 690HT when it was posted on this board by Shane in NE, and sold the 575D.

I use simple green 50/50 with water in mine so I don't know which to blame but I have removed the blue from a Walther P22 Zinc Slide and a Bushmaster M16 Aluminum upper receiver.

I use it to clean all the internals of the MP5's, M16's and 1919, it removes even the most stubborn carbon and crud on the MP5SD, I place the whole MP5 receivers in the Crest and it cleans them totally inside and out, blow them out with compressed air, oil and reassemble.

I put the receiver of the 1919 in it (about 7/8 submerged) and it kinda discolored the park on it, but not too awful bad.

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I grew up 300 yards from the L&R factory but never knew what they did until about 5 years ago
I've invited Gregory Infante, President of Police Products to join in and address the issue, that the Ultrasonic cleaners can damage aluminum, that Scott Cousino described earlier. This is one item that concerns me the most, as I have a need to clean quite a few aluminum items. I also presented the idea to Gregory about my organizing a group buy. I will post prices and models as soon as possible.
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