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WTK: Best Way to Clean Surplus Guns

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As with most people here, I have and/or get a bunch of old surplus rifles and hand-guns. I have also seen the prices go up on these and they generate a strong collector intrest, probably because unlike Winchesters or Lugers, everyone can afford them.

In my searches for old Mausers and Enfields I have come across many that have been destroyed by the hobby customizer or the over-zealous cleaner.

Much like antique furniture, I am sure there is a correct way to clean and preserve these treasures.

I just don't know for sure what it is!

I generally do a good non-abrasive cleaning, I dont monkey with the wood much.

Is there an acceptable level of restoration that doesnt affect collector value, and what/where is that line?
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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