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WTK: Current Value of NOS A6 .30 cal. barrel

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Title says it all. Friend of a friend of a friend called and wanted to know what he should price it at.

Emory Jones
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I would say about $150 on the low end, the average around $175. If it is the late style (RIA or SAK) and in the tube still, then go on the high end. I have not seen one offered as high as $200 yet, but whatever the market will bear. A bit over a year ago I was still buying them for under $100 at OOW. Those days are gone!
Yep, that's a good price for that condition. Getting harder to find them in NOS. I am still wanting to get one in the original tube someday. Dan at Angola had them for $100 a couple of years back. I should have bought a couple, but his were RIA and I was desperate for a WWII Saginaw A6 barrel. :rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts