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WTK: Original 1919A4 1919A6 Barrel Pricing

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I posted these barrels on another forum and 30calmachinegunner directed me over to you folks. I have two NEW original 1919 barrels that I would like to place a realistic value on.

The first barrel is a 1919A4 marked D35233-14-BA. The barrel was taken out of the gauze wrapping so the drawing number could be located. The barrel still has a layer of cosmoline on the exterior, the bore is full of cosmoline and the outer wrapper is present. I assume that it's .30-06.

The second barrel is a 1919A6 chambered in .30-06 marked SAK-7148400-12-66-3351828. It was taken out of its original tube for identification.

Thanks for your time.

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Well, there is no telling what the market will bear. Up until a year or so ago, USGI 30-06 A4 barrels were pretty common at $75 in excellent condition. That might have stretched closer to $100 at that time for one like yours, just out of the wrap. Now prices are going up, but someone will really have to want a BA barrel to pay more than $150 even now. Retail on excellent used ones is hovering around $95 right now, from what I can see. New made commercially made ones are naturally going to be priced higher than surplus, at this point with the supply still around.

On the SAK A6 barrel, these are not that rare. I have a few. Most I got for $85 from a major vendor from one to three years back. But that was low even then. Now I would bet an average one would start around $150 to $175. Again, the value of yours is largely in the fact that it is new, and you have the original tube. Your market may be more for a collector than a shooter, as kkkriverrats points out.

Certainly, to maximize, you might try an auction site as advised. But whoever gave you those high prices, has no clue about the 1919 market, or has a very wealthy customer base he is thinking of. Neither of your barrels are rare, but they are getting harder to find in the grease. Your average guy just doesn't care about that part.

Little known fact, the last 1919A6s were produced by Saco-Lowell shops, in the 19450s. I am still collecting SAK marked 1919 parts to build one. They are rare, as SAK is better known for production of the M37 tank guns and M14 stuff, as well as .50 cal Browning stuff. Bad news for you is that they made tons of spare barrels, so that is the most common part.

Sorry to be a bubble burster here. But that is my take on the market at present.
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