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WTK: Original 1919A4 1919A6 Barrel Pricing

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I posted these barrels on another forum and 30calmachinegunner directed me over to you folks. I have two NEW original 1919 barrels that I would like to place a realistic value on.

The first barrel is a 1919A4 marked D35233-14-BA. The barrel was taken out of the gauze wrapping so the drawing number could be located. The barrel still has a layer of cosmoline on the exterior, the bore is full of cosmoline and the outer wrapper is present. I assume that it's .30-06.

The second barrel is a 1919A6 chambered in .30-06 marked SAK-7148400-12-66-3351828. It was taken out of its original tube for identification.

Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for the detailed information. I don't have any of the previous history on these barrels whereabouts. I feel that letting them sit on my shelf isn't doing the person that can use them any good. I would like to get a solid idea of thier value so that I can sell them. I have been e-mailed that the A6 should be between $300-$500 and the A4 around $250.00. Does this sound about right? I have searched the Internet for current pricing but haven't had much luck. Should I list these on one of the firearms auction sights?
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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