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WTK Sell my Akins??

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I finally lightened up a bit since Tom Bowers announced his resignation from Akins Group Inc. Now, I'm just wondering what the hell I should do with my AA? I've considered selling it, either outright or auction, but I have no idea if it would be legal. I turned in my spring back in January (documented), so it is "deactivated". I'm just not sure how the ATF folks would view the transfer of such a device. I'm assuming that it would be OK, since it was an assembly of parts rather than a firearm receiver. Removing and disposing of an essential part makes it no longer function as intended. However, I'm not a lawyer or a BATFE agent, so I have no friggin' clue. I just want to stay out of jail :eek: Any thoughts?

I'm tired of waiting out the ATF and just want to recoup some of my money. I'm sure that if the decision was overturned or the existing AAs were "grandfathered", I could get as much or more than I paid for the stock. However, I'm more interested in playing with other real FA toys and just want out. What would be a fair price for the AA, given the current status? I'm guessing that the only way to really know is to auction it, but I figured that I'd ask the question. Ultimately, if it turns out to have no value at all, I probably hang on to it, stash it in the closet, and hope for the best.:rolleyes:

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I want an AA to play with. I am overextended right now, but hope to try to find one after the holidays.

Since they are worthless without the spring, I don't think they will be bringing anything near $1000. I am thinking around a fourth of that.

What does everyone think a neutered AA will bring?

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