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Frankie has kept on digging and found my remaining stash of spare parts and accessories to complete a 1917A1 Spare Parts box. I am offer them to the forum as a single parts lot, this is the last of spares kit stuff I have. It consists of the following items, some are extremely hard to find:

1 reproduction M1917/M1917A1 spare parts chest with content card, lid chain, and leather handle.
1 original NOS USGI small parts can, tubular (very rare) (A140718)
1 original reflector, barrel, cal. 30 (bore mirror) (B147001)
4 Punches, drive pin (0.08, 0.12, 0.18, and one unknown size.
1 wrench combination (M6).
1 USGI M13 spare parts roll.
1 USGI M12 tool roll.
1 USGI early 3 oz. oil can.
1 USGI late 12oz. oil can.
1 USGI accessory case.
I USGI envelope of cleaning patches.
10 USGI .30 caliber brass bore brushes.
1 USGI short chamber cleaning rod.
Everything listed above and shown in the picture - $450 plus actual shipping cost to your location. Sold to Thompsongunner - SPF


First "I will take it" followed by a PM gets it. Ask any questions before you say you will take it.

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Hmmmm, Old Tired Iron!!! You need the can!! Lol

Sorry,but that is awesome to have two cans show up in a short time frame.
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