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I just got a few more of these cans for sale. They are some sort of European gas can, but resemble a 1917 steam condenser can fairly closely. 2 have an embossed X on the sides, sort of like a gas can. $60 shipped each. Postage is about $12-15 on these, so your really paying about $45 a can. Good condition with some rubs and small dents, some slight rust on the handle of the flat side can. Has brass cap with retaining chain, and smaller screw valve to release air. All have pouring lip that swivels around. E-mail for payment details. Thanks.,.. The cans in the pic are dusty and I have not cleaned them up yet. FLAT SIDED CAN IS SOLD, ONLY CANS WITH X ON SIDES AVAILABLE.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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