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WTS:1917A1 Tripod + More

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Offered is an excellent condition Ohio Ordanance (hand picked) 1917 A1 tripod. No cuts, never damaged or bent, No leg strap. Hard to find one better, $1000.00 + S&H. From my personal collection. SOLD

1919A4 USGI .30-06 parts set, 90%+ condition, beautiful trunion, VGC bbl
$700.00 + S&H

Ohio Black Sheep 1917 style water jacket with as new trunion and new barrel
$575.00 + S&H SOLD

1919 T&E, new, unused, no chain, $175.00 + S&H SOLD PENDING FUNDS

1919 M3 pintle, NOS, $80.00 + S&H

[email protected]
716-549-0106 9am-5pm est
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WOW! a OBS watercooled jacket for sale on the loose. I would buy it now but cash is a little tight. Someone should jump on this.
Ohio Blackwsheep Water Jacket

In hope I am the first one to send you a email on the Water jacket. I just gave you a call also. Give me a call and maybe we can close the deal.

Mark Johnson
Hi Guys,

I guess I missed this post. Just to let you know, that was a pretty nice trunion on those jackets I did for Dan. Plus he gave you a good price. Who ever got it, if you have any questions or problems, by all means call me....Lou
tri pod

Timing, I could have saved some money on that tri pod if I had worked out the timing better. Maybe next time.
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